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Soil Association Organic
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Grass Fed Organ Meat Supplements

Organic Certified British Beef Liver, Kidney & Heart

Thank you for your visit to Hirsch Organic.  We’re a nutrition company focused on offering the highest quality organic grass fed organ meat supplements in the UK.

We currently offer Organic Grass Fed Beef Liver Capsules and Organic Grass Fed Beef Organ Mix Supplement, which includes liver, kidney and heart organ meats from grass fed British cows who are raised on pasture.

The benefits of eating beef organs such as beef liver, heart and kidney is now well established and we're committed to bringing you and your family the very best quality grass fed organ meat supplements made from organic British ingredients to UK and EU standards.

Why Choose Hirsch Organic?

Learn more about the benefits of eating organ meats like beef liver, heart and kidney and how to choose the best organ meat supplement.

Your Family's Foundation For Optimal Health

At Hirsch Organic we believe in the tremendous power of clean nutritious foods to create the right conditions in our bodies for optimal health. We work hard to create products that are proven to be highly nutritious, are from sustainable organic sources and are convenient to consume.

Support Sustainable Organic Agriculture

Our beef organ supplements are 100% pure, sourced from UK farms that are organic certified and are hormone, pesticide and GMO free. On average, plant, insect and bird life is up to 50% more abundant on organic farms.

Rediscover Ancient Wisdom

The diets of our ancestral cultures included organ meats such as beef liver, kidney and heart. We're now rediscovering that ancestral foods like beef organs are highly nutritious and help support a strong immune system and robust health.