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Our Story

Our name, Hirsch, is the word used to describe a male deer or stag in the German language.  This beautiful creature can be regarded as a symbol of vitality and strength, which we think is a fitting name for a brand focused on nutrition.  The fact that the founder of Hirsch was born and raised in Germany may also have influenced the choice of name.

How It Began

Our story started in the Spring of 2018 when our founder Kristina was researching how best to ensure her family was eating nutritious food.

For many years Kristina had been conscious of healthy eating, but the recent birth of her son led her to a deeper investigation.   The search for nutritious food led Kristina to the recent history of the human diet

Why Organ Meats?

The history of post industrial changes to the human diet is well documented.  As late as the 1930's there were still groups of people around the Word who lived on traditional foods, which they and their ancestors had been consuming for thousands of years.

Analysis of these traditional foods shows that the foods our ancestors ate contain four times the calcium and other minerals, and at least ten times the fat-soluble vitamins from animal based foods, including organ meats.

Why Organ Meat Supplements?

Eating organ meats regularly is not an easy undertaking for most.  For a start many organ meats are not readily available from supermarkets and even if you can find them the preparation and eating can be a challenge.

Supplements are a convenient and easy way for anyone to begin consuming organ meats.

Our Mission

At the time Hirsch was conceived it was not possible to buy British sourced, organic organ meat supplements in the UK.  Our founder searched high and low, but none were to be found.  Hirsch was born!

The simple idea behind Hirsch is to provide our customers with the nutritious food of our ancestors, using the highest quality, organic ingredients, sourced from British farms who share our values.